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Corporate Classes

I work regularly with Companies in Dublin in Fitness, Yoga & Relaxation, helping to keep your staff fit, healthy and stress free.

Relaxation sessions have become very popular and help with the stresses of everyday work life.  Whether it be a health week or an ongoing class/session in yoga or fitness, I can tailor for your staffs needs.

Some of the companies I have worked in include HP, Microsoft, Matheson, LinkedIn, Capita, Abbott, Bearing Point, Prudential, Philip Lee, Deloitte.

Throughout courses I provide handouts, plans and general training ideas for your staff to help keep them fit, happy and healthy.

Benefits of Yoga in the Workplace
Reduced Stress and anxiety.
More joy and enthusiasm.
Improved efficiency and productivity (at work and at home).
Greater self-esteem.
Enhanced health and sense of well-being.
Improved interpersonal skills.
Clearer perception and decision-making.
Anti-aging and rejuvenating effects.
Increased energy and decreased fatigue.
Improved memory, focus and concentration.
Stronger muscles & control obesity.
Increased flexibility & Strength.
Improved overall health and reduced risk for diseases, including cancer.
Decreased negative outlook / depression/hypertension.

Over the course of 4, 6 or 8 weeks we would use various styles to let people experience a wide range of yoga from Ashtanga, Iyengar, Core Flow, Power & Relaxation Yoga. Every class is different.

Benefits of Fitness in the Workplace
Reduce body fat
Reduce stress
Tone up the body
Improve core stability
Improve balance and coordination
Increase energy levels
Increase bone density
Improve circulation
Improve sleep
Increase self-esteem

The most popular fitness classes on site are Boxfit using gloves and pads, this is a huge stress reliever and great fun. Another very popular onsite class is Sculpt & Core, helping to tone up those stubborn areas using light weights. Courses can be a mix of boxfit, sculpt, core, kettlebells, flexibility.

If you have the space ,I can provide the equipment and motivation to help get your staff fit!

Please contact me for more info and a proposal tailor-made to suit your requirements.

Classes can be run in the early mornings, lunchtimes or after work.

Prices start at €7.50 per person per class for yoga and fitness (40/45 minute sessions)

Contact me on 087 3850066 or


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Kettlebells Classes

A hugely popular effective, tough workout using Kettlebells. See results FAST with this class. Level 1 & Gen suitable for beginners, Level 2 for those who want to push themselves even harder.

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Hot Power Yoga

Power yoga is a general term used in the West to describe a vigorous, fitness-based approach to vinyasa style yoga. Though many consider it to be gym yoga this style of practice was originally closely modeled on the Ashtanga method. Power yoga does not follow a set series of poses, so classes can vary widely. With its emphasis on strength and flexibility, power yoga brought yoga into the gyms worldwide, as people began to see yoga as a way to work out. Room temp 26 – 30 degrees.

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Fitness 4 Moms

A morning Body Tone Class for Mums in a relaxed environment, bring your little one and/or toddler. The babies can snooze by your side and the toddlers can play in your eyeline, the kids are having great fun in this class, as are the adults. The classes are a mix of Body Tone with light ankle & hand weights, Kettlebells & Boxfit.

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Push n Lift

A tough effective class using weighted bars, stability balls and bursts of cardio. A full body workout. Suitable for all fitness levels.

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Power Circuits

An interval training class using kettlebells, weighted bars, cardio, body resistance. Every class is different. The class is minute intervals challenging even the fittest of you. Abs at the end.

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A group outdoor class held in the Templeogue side of Tymon Park. These classes start mid May and run all summer long. They are a mix of Circuits, Boxfit & Kettlebells. They are suitable for every fitness level & great fun.


  • Kettlebells Classes
  • Fitness 4 Moms
  • Hot Power Yoga
  • Body Tone/BLT
  • Power Circuits


  • Boxfit Indoor
  • Boxfit Bootcamp
  • Bells Bootcamp
  • Circuits Bootcamp
  • Push n Lift

Areas Covered

  • B23 KCR Estate.
  • Ravensdale Park.
  • Dublin 12

Areas Covered

  • Tymon Park
  • Templeogue
  • Dublin 6
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